geothermal power production

Offshore Remote Power Solutions

Ideal for Unmanned Offshore Platforms
Ormat offshore power generation solutions are factory-tested and within a matter of days, can be installed and commissioned on an offshore platform. Power units can be fueled by natural gas from the wellhead or instrument gas,  as well as gas with a high NCG content, and provide continuous, dependable operation for many years.

Power generators are suitable for a variety of applications including SCADA, navigation lights, pumps, battery charge and alarms. Ormat offers a wide range of models to meet a variety of power needs. Designed for outdoor, unattended operation under extreme conditions, Ormat Offshore Power solutions are rated for temperatures: from -5°C (23 Fº) to +40°C (104 Fº), up to 100% humidity, wind speeds to 160 km/hr (99.5 mph). They feature an exceptionally small footprint and are customized for marine environments.

Assuring Safety in Hazardous ConditionsOrmat Offshore Power solutions are designed to exact standards and are certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres according to ATEX requirements for Zone 2, Group 2A, T3, equivalent to API and NFPA Class I, Division 2, Group D, T3.

Constructed for Marine ConditionsOur offshore power solutions are designed to withstand the effects of corrosive, saline environments due to their leveraging of tested materials and coatings.

Long-Term Operation, Virtually Maintenance FreeOur Remote Power Solutions are based on the field-proven ORMAT® ENERGY CONVERTER (OEC). Using state-of-the-art technology, the OEC is hermetically sealed and has only one moving part. As a result, no overhauls or critical parts replacements are required during the operating lifecycle of the unit. A single annual maintenance check is enough to ensure decades of reliable use.

Complete, Integrated SolutionsWith installations from Southeast Asia to the North Sea, our extensive experience with unmanned offshore platforms operating in variable conditions enables us to provide our customers with the right solution to meet their requirements, while smoothly integrating into their systems.