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On shore Remote Power Solutions

Proven Reliability for Oil and Gas Pipelines
Thousands of OECs are installed along strategic oil and gas pipelines around the globe. For over 40 years, we have worked repeatedly with some of the leading companies in the industry, earning our reputation as a trusted and accountable partner. 
Ormat Remote Power Solutions are specially designed for continuous, unattended operation under severe weather conditions. Based on the ORMAT® ENERGY CONVERTER (OEC), our solutions offer low maintenance and high reliability needed for hard to access locations.

Powering Critical Pipeline ApplicationsOrmat provides dependable, cost-effective power generation for numerous pipeline applications including:
  •         Cathodic protection
  •         Remote block and gate valves (BGV & RGV)
  •         SCADA
  •         Instrumentation and communications
  •         Auxiliary equipment
  •         Floating and recharging batteries

Extremely durable and rugged, Ormat Remote Power Solutions are designed for outdoor operation and are impervious  to extreme temperatures, strong winds, high humidity and altitude. Our environmentally friendly power units have a small footprint and feature low emissions, low noise and no vibrations.

Complete Tailored SolutionsWith installations in Alaska, Siberia and Sakhalin, we have the experience to assist you in selecting the right solution. A wide range of power output covers all requirements from 400 W to 4,000 W. Our power generation units operate on various types of fuel including natural gas, kerosene, diesel and light crude oil, based on site availability.