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Arctic Remote Power Solutions

Arctic Specialists
 We have specialized in supplying equipment for outdoor installation and operation under Arctic conditions since we installed our first remote power units in Alaska 40 years ago.
One of the most severe challenges in extreme Arctic conditions is the supply of continuous, reliable remote power for unattended stations that, in most cases, cannot be reached by technical staff for months at a time.

Ormat’s Remote Power Solutions are uniquely designed to overtake these challenges ensuring utmost reliability and lifespan. Over 120 Ormat Integrated Remote Power Units have powered the RGVs of the Trans-Alaska pipeline since 1975 and still run today with minimal maintenance. Our solutions are designed for outdoor unattended operation under extreme cold weather conditions:

  • From -60°C (-76°F) to +50°C (+122°F)
  • Up to 100% humidity
  • Wind speeds up to 160 km/hr (100 mph)

Ormat Remote Power Solutions for Arctic applications include a non-electric heating system (NEHS) uniquely designed for maintaining the temperature in  equipment shelters at optimal values, assuring that batteries are maintained and telecommunications equipment work properly in the harshest of winter conditions. The NEHS utilize, in co-generation, unused heat from the OEC and provide the necessary heat to the equipment shelter.

With projects including some of the world's longest pipeline systems, our extensive experience enables our customers to considerably reduce project time schedules and gain the best fit solution.
Project Spotlight
Sakhalin II: The Sakhalin II oil and gas (800 Kilometers) dual onshore pipeline traverses 126 Kilometers of swamp crossings, 110 Kilometers of mountainous routes and more than 1,000 river 18 rail and 10 road crossings. Large sections of the pipeline are located in remote, Arctic areas that are difficult – sometimes impossible – to access at certain times of the year. Because of the difficulty in sending supplies, it was important to be able to use the fuel from the pipeline, which would require gas pressure reduction systems. 
Trans Alaska Pipeline:
At 1,287 Kilometers (800 miles) in length, the Trans Alaska pipeline is one of the world's largest crude oil pipeline systems. It operates in the Arctic region of Alaska with extremely cold winters (temperatures down to -60ºC/76Fº) and warm summers. The project operator, Alyeska Pipeline Services,  recently upgraded the system with Ormat's 800W OEC units.