Recovered Energy

Recovered Energy Generation

State-of-the-Art Recovered Energy Generation Power Plants

Ormat is a pioneer in advancing Recovered Energy Generation (REG) Power Plants for a wide array of industrial applications. The Ormat  REG power plants capture unused waste heat from industrial processes and converts it into electricity that can be sold to the grid or used on-site, without any additional fuel consumption and with zero emissions. 
Ormat has developed specialized solutions for energy recovery systems on gas pipeline compressor stations; these units convert waste heat from the exhaust of gas turbine-driven compressors into electricity for sale to local utilities or for additional compressor station power.

Our Recovered Energy Generation  power plants provide an uninterruptible power supply that enables our customers to meet critical power demand during blackouts and grid outages. It also enables them to reduce power consumption during peak electricity demand hours, reducing price premiums for peak  electricity demand.

The result: Energy savings and energy security for our customers.

Based on the Ormat® Energy Converter (OEC), our field-proven solutions have generated clean, reliable, cost-effective electricity from industrial waste and accelerate financial turnover by maximizing energy efficiency and fossil fuel savings.

The foundation of Ormat's technical advantage is based on our original power generating unit design, combined with innovative system analysis and thermodynamic process design tailored to specific heat sources.

See a video about the Veyo REG power plant to learn more

Capturing the Value of Waste Heat
Ormat Recovered Energy Generation (REG) power plants  offer many advantages, including:

  • Fully automatic, integrated solutions
  • Low cost, base load electricity production
  • No fuel required
  • No gaseous or liquid emissions, no solid residue
  • Rapid, simple implementation on-site
  • High availability
  • Low maintenance and simple operation

see a Chevrolet video about Ormat's REG  unit in a gas compressor station