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Geothermal Development

As today's only vertically integrated geothermal company, Ormat's knowledge and experience extends to all aspects of the geothermal project development process: from seeking and obtaining land to funding, lease purchasing, permitting, PPA negotiations, negotiation of interconnection agreements, exploration, drilling, development and operation of geothermal power plants.

This extensive in-house knowledge gained over three decades of power plant operations and development, gives Ormat its competitive edge and enables efficient maintenance and timely response to operational issues.

Ormat's growth profile from geothermal activity by the end of 2019 is expected to between 200 and 210 MW. Growth beyond 2019 will depend on the success in exploration efforts, which as of year end 2015 include 30 prospects in early exploration or pending activity in the U.S., Guatemala, Guadeloupe, Honduras, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya and New Zealand. Ormat’s strong land position coupled with its technical expertise and strong track record will support its future development.

As part of our vertically integrated approach, Ormat established drilling operation that currently owns nine drilling rigs capable depth of up to 18,000 feet. We employ an experienced resource group including geologists, drilling engineers and reservoir engineers. The team executes exploration and drilling plans for projects that we develop including supporting Ormat growth activity, enhancement or expansions in power plant capacity.

We put great effort into the exploration and identification of new geothermal resources. Ormat carries out field tests followed by exploratory drilling to validate and quantify the size and potential of the geothermal resource, thus reducing the risk involved in every geothermal project.

A key component to the success of project development is a proven track record.
Our first-hand knowledge of the equipment that we use allows us to operate and maintain our power plants efficiently and to respond to operational issues in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Being a vertically-integrated company experienced in all aspects of geothermal projects, we are able to quickly and cost effectively identify and repair mechanical issues and to have timely access to technical assistance and replacement parts.

Today, Ormat owns and operates 727 MW in power plants it had supplied. Overall Ormat has supplied over 2200 MW in power plants worldwide.

Generating for Generations